A Tulsa Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer explains what to do if your Social Security disability application has been denied

Many clients from Tulsa and Oklahoma City and other areas of central and western Oklahoma come to a disability attorney after their initial disability application has been denied by the Social Security Administration. At this point they are discouraged and confused. They know that they are disabled, and they thought that they had demonstrated this on their claim form, but the Social Security Administration denied the claim.

However, having your initial application denied is not unusual. In fact, the Social Security Administration denies 65% of initial applications.

The important part is not to give up. Your chances of receiving disability benefits are much higher if you file for an appeal hearing. And at this point in the process you will be well served by having a knowledgeable Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer help you in your dealings with the Social Security Administration.

The difference between the initial applications and appeal decisions

There is a significant difference in the Social Security Administration process between the initial determination of a disability claim and a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

The initial application is evaluated by people from an Oklahoma state agency rather than from people from the Social Security Administration. The agency uses a team consisting of a disability examiner and a medical doctor. These people review your application and medical records, but they do not meet with you and do not hear live testimony. That means that the only way you can describe your disability is on your claim form.

In contrast to this, an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge allows you to appear in person (or by video teleconferencing). Also, you can be represented by an Oklahoma disability lawyer, and you can have witnesses come and testify on your behalf.

This makes a world of difference. A state disability examiner is limited to the written file, but an Administrative Law Judge is able to see you, hear arguments from your attorney, and end up with a far better understanding of your situation. Because of these differences, the Administrative Law Judge who hears your appeal tends to take a broader view of your case, and is more likely to decide that you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

A disability attorney can help claimants in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma with the Social Security disability claim process

Dealing with the complex rules and procedures of the Social Security Administration can be frustrating. Therefore, it is critical to have experienced and skilled assistance from an Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer.

Whether you are just getting ready to file a disability claim, or whether you have had a claim denied and now need to appeal, a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney should bring these two essential qualities to the fight:

  1. Experience. He or she deals with Social Security disability cases throughout Oklahoma and takes great pride in helping Oklahoma disability clients.
  2. Compassion. The attorney believes that helping Social Security disability clients obtain disability benefits does more than provide them with money; it provides independence, validation, and peace of mind. He or she appreciates what is at stake. You should have a devoted Oklahoma disability attorney fighting for you.

If you are not already represented by an Oklahoma Social Security disability lawyer and want an evaluation, give us a brief description of your claim using the form to the right.